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May 30, 2011

I really like Jillian Micheals. I have a few of her DVDs and have liked them. That being said I don’t like Shred It with Weights. I think it is very dangerous. I just did level 1 today to try it and I still think the same. My shoulders hurt at the joints. I can hammer curl 40 LBS dumb bells, I am not weak, I do know what I’m doing.

Fitness plans for this week:

1 hr. of Weights (40 #dumb bells) Hummer curl, bicep curl, squats

20-30 min Ab work

1 DVD ( Jillian Micheals, 30 Day Shred or Blast Fat Boost Metabolism)  full video


May 28, 2011

Boy, I never come around here. I am so impressed that the WordPress people haven’t shut down this blog for inactivity. I really am going to try harder for those of you who care to read about us. So… DD1 “G” is now 12. She is taller than I am too. DS “J” is 10 and he’s close to my hight. DD2 “N” is 8 and she’s still on the short side. (Like her Mama) The baby, well she isn’t a baby anymore DD3 “S” she is 3 and she is on the tall side she is almost as tall as N. We have become fitness minded within the past 2 years or so. I really needed to get all that baby weight off. I had kept all of the weight from each and every pregnancy. It wasn’t good or pretty. The kids get in there PE class along with Mama and Daddy. It’s so funny to watch S trying to do squats or lunges. She has a big pink ball that she tries to do yoga on. That’s all for now

November 15, 2008

Today is N’s bday. She is 6. I can’t believe my little one is 6. Well, at least I have a baby still. What will I do when she is 6. Oh Well

Happy Bday N.

We are alll in  a Christmasy mood. The kids want to put up the Tree tomorrow. I’m not so sure I want to do all that work tomorrow.

I have alot of cooking for N  today She wants Chile Rellenos and Flan. So I will have to do those two things the Chile Rellenos are stuffed Poblanos I will do rice and freshly boiled beans with just made tortillas. Flan is a custard alot like creame brule (SP). Yummy.

They want a Flan for Baby Jesus too.

I’m so mad that Coke hasn’t put a Santa on their cans yet. They didn’t do it last year either. I think I’m going to call and complain. When I was growing up they always had a Santa thing by the Coke at the store or on the cans. I grew up in a Coke addict family. I mean at the Christmas dinner there were around ten 12 packs of coke only. Then all of the other sodas. We would be out before the end of the night. Here in my home I love Coke my hubby Dr Pepper and the kids like both. We are soda addicts though, just not that bad of them a 12 pack will last a week for a family of 5 soda drinkers that isn’t too bad.

We have a radio station here that is already playing Christmas songs all day long. 😀 I love Christmas.

I want to send you all to a online Christmas party (if you’re interested and don’t already know about it) you can find it here Online Christmas Party 2008

You can find some really wonderful stuff here too Building My House~: Christmas Book Basket

Check out her post Classical Christmas. Great stuff.

Hope those links work.

Until next time


November 8, 2008

Today we were talking about christmas.

I love christmas now. I use to get depressed at christmas. I have since changed, I look forward to christmas all year long. Making study plans for our break ( we school year round but take all of the holiday season to do holiday stuff). Singing songs. I already have all of our christmas stuff down, has been for about a month now. Just waiting for N’s bday to be over to put up the tree. We have been a part of a christmas card exchange in years past. Last year because of financial issues we couldn’t be a part of it. It was sad because we didn’t have all of the beautiful cards that we got in prior years. Our wall was pretty blank. This year I won’t be able to do it either because I wasn’t allowed back into the Homeschool group that did it.  I may just ask a few of the ladies I know where to find if I can do it with them only.

About J, we will be doing a very hands on unschooling for him this coming year. We start school with new books usually in Jan or Feb. He wants to learn about Soccer and Cars. I would like to start teaching him electronic or mechanic stuff.

G will be doing the same as before A2. With some slight modifications.

N will be doing just stuff and some A2 and maybe what J is doing too.

S will just be scribling… 😀 she’s still too small for school. Although she has some dollar store workbooks and does “cool” when everyone else does.

Older kids will be using MUS

Thats all for me today.

I got into my blog YAY

November 8, 2008


I want to try to add some Christmas stuff here. But I can’t get in.


Well I’m starting to get really angry at my blog I can’t ever get in. I may try to find another place to blog at.


Today is my baby S’s birthday, I can’t believe that she is already 1 year old. It seems just like yesterday that I still had her in my tummy. One year already. I just want to sit down and cry, I don’t want my baby to be that old already. I can remember when G was born that has already been 10 years too. All of my babies are getting to old.


Today we took G and J to their check ups. The Dr. did all of the normal stuff: check the ears, eyes, nose and looked in the mouth. She said J was ADHD and needed further evaluation. (More on this in a minute) Later we came home and Baby S is playing with J and daddy. J has a small stick flashlight, so S gets in and tries to look into daddy’s mouth, then moves to his ears and looks very carefully in his ears with the flashlight. Daddy asks me “Did the Dr check the kids ears and mouth?” I say “Yes, Why?” Daddy “S just checked my mouth and ears.” She still isn’t one yet. J Isn’t that funny?

Now about J. I have always know that he had some Hyperactive issues. When I brought it up to the Dr (another one) when he was about 4 they weren’t concerned. Then after his anaphalactic shock allergy I quit letting him eat anything with MSG in it. The Hyperactivity went down so much. Little by little it started coming back.. I just thought he was being a boy though. I have been trouble with him and school lately. He can’t concentrate and he just scribbles his answers. Its just little stuff and it seems like he’s to old to be making such dumb mistakes or laziness. He also talks and talks and still talks more. Uncontrolably at times . He needs to be moving too. Thats what the Dr saw. Uncontrolable talking and jitters.

I don’t want to medicate him, he’s already on enough with the allergies and asthma. I don’t want to label him anymore either, Allergies and asthma are enough. Then is ADHD a learning disability? I have seen it inder LD once or twice.

New blog……kinda

September 9, 2008

I haven’t been here for ages it seems.

I haven’t decided what I want to post here so I will start keeping my links here. I don’t want to loose them all again. (Don’t ask, I’m sure its happened to everyone)

First off…..freebie of the day

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