November 8, 2008

Today we were talking about christmas.

I love christmas now. I use to get depressed at christmas. I have since changed, I look forward to christmas all year long. Making study plans for our break ( we school year round but take all of the holiday season to do holiday stuff). Singing songs. I already have all of our christmas stuff down, has been for about a month now. Just waiting for N’s bday to be over to put up the tree. We have been a part of a christmas card exchange in years past. Last year because of financial issues we couldn’t be a part of it. It was sad because we didn’t have all of the beautiful cards that we got in prior years. Our wall was pretty blank. This year I won’t be able to do it either because I wasn’t allowed back into the Homeschool group that did it.  I may just ask a few of the ladies I know where to find if I can do it with them only.

About J, we will be doing a very hands on unschooling for him this coming year. We start school with new books usually in Jan or Feb. He wants to learn about Soccer and Cars. I would like to start teaching him electronic or mechanic stuff.

G will be doing the same as before A2. With some slight modifications.

N will be doing just stuff and some A2 and maybe what J is doing too.

S will just be scribling… 😀 she’s still too small for school. Although she has some dollar store workbooks and does “cool” when everyone else does.

Older kids will be using MUS

Thats all for me today.

I got into my blog YAY


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