November 15, 2008

Today is N’s bday. She is 6. I can’t believe my little one is 6. Well, at least I have a baby still. What will I do when she is 6. Oh Well

Happy Bday N.

We are alll in  a Christmasy mood. The kids want to put up the Tree tomorrow. I’m not so sure I want to do all that work tomorrow.

I have alot of cooking for N  today She wants Chile Rellenos and Flan. So I will have to do those two things the Chile Rellenos are stuffed Poblanos I will do rice and freshly boiled beans with just made tortillas. Flan is a custard alot like creame brule (SP). Yummy.

They want a Flan for Baby Jesus too.

I’m so mad that Coke hasn’t put a Santa on their cans yet. They didn’t do it last year either. I think I’m going to call and complain. When I was growing up they always had a Santa thing by the Coke at the store or on the cans. I grew up in a Coke addict family. I mean at the Christmas dinner there were around ten 12 packs of coke only. Then all of the other sodas. We would be out before the end of the night. Here in my home I love Coke my hubby Dr Pepper and the kids like both. We are soda addicts though, just not that bad of them a 12 pack will last a week for a family of 5 soda drinkers that isn’t too bad.

We have a radio station here that is already playing Christmas songs all day long. 😀 I love Christmas.

I want to send you all to a online Christmas party (if you’re interested and don’t already know about it) you can find it here Online Christmas Party 2008

You can find some really wonderful stuff here too Building My House~: Christmas Book Basket

Check out her post Classical Christmas. Great stuff.

Hope those links work.

Until next time


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