May 28, 2011

Boy, I never come around here. I am so impressed that the WordPress people haven’t shut down this blog for inactivity. I really am going to try harder for those of you who care to read about us. So… DD1 “G” is now 12. She is taller than I am too. DS “J” is 10 and he’s close to my hight. DD2 “N” is 8 and she’s still on the short side. (Like her Mama) The baby, well she isn’t a baby anymore DD3 “S” she is 3 and she is on the tall side she is almost as tall as N. We have become fitness minded within the past 2 years or so. I really needed to get all that baby weight off. I had kept all of the weight from each and every pregnancy. It wasn’t good or pretty. The kids get in there PE class along with Mama and Daddy. It’s so funny to watch S trying to do squats or lunges. She has a big pink ball that she tries to do yoga on. That’s all for now


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